5 Benefits of Partnering with a Specialized Recruiting Firm

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August 26, 2021

By Erica Rothman

Having a solid plan for attracting and recruiting top talent is the only way to be successful in meeting your company’s hiring goals. But in today’s highly competitive job market, recruiting and hiring are more challenging than ever.

Open positions not only impact productivity, but vacancies also come at a hefty cost—the average vacancy costs a company $500 each day.

While you know the downfalls of not having a full workforce, what if you’re facing an uphill battle to find the right people? Partnering with a specialized recruiting firm is one of the best ways to find quality job seekers.

Here are five of the top benefits of working with a recruiting agency.

  1. Extended network and reach

Sometimes the best candidates for your business aren’t looking for a new job. In the recruitment world, these candidates are known as passive talent.

While these people are harder to find and even harder to reach, the right recruiting agency will get the job done.

Expert recruiters also know the ins and outs of incentivizing passive talent to make a move to your company.

  1. Faster hiring

Going weeks or even months with open positions is expensive and detrimental to productivity. By using a recruitment agency, you’ll find that vacancies are filled more quickly, even for niche jobs that require specialized and unique skill sets.

Recruiting firms have an ever-growing database of potential candidates, along with a vast network of connections. With proper vetting and thorough interviews, they’ll only submit candidates that fit the job criteria, as well as your company culture and values.

  1. Improved job advertisement

When employers advertise vacancies on their website or on job boards, it’s not uncommon to receive very few applications. Even worse is that most applications aren’t up-to-par with the job descriptions and necessary skill set.

More often than not, poor response to job ads boils down to poor marketing. With a recruiting agency, you get a two-for-one benefit. Not only will the right firm properly advertise open positions, but they will also actively seek candidates who fit the job description.

  1. Interviews conducted on your behalf

Interview scheduling is not only labor-intensive, it’s time-consuming as well. According to a study conducted by Yello, recruiters spend 30 minutes to two hours to schedule a single interview.

Instead of requiring your HR team to spend hours each week scheduling interviews, you can leave the hard work to a recruiting agency. Recruitment firms conduct interviews on your behalf, which:

  •   Saves time and money
  •   Narrows down possible applicants
  •   Ensures only the best candidates make it to the company interview

Enabling your HR team to focus on other needs, aside from interview scheduling, takes a huge load off their shoulders.

  1. In-depth market knowledge

Top recruiting firms have in-depth knowledge about various sectors and industries. Not only can you rely on a recruitment agency to find the best candidates, they can also help in providing advice and insight.

From career expectations to salary rates to market trends, a recruitment agency has all the expertise needed to make sound hiring and recruitment decisions.

The Remedy Group – A trusted name in the recruitment industry

When you’re successful, we’re successful. The Remedy Group goes beyond finding people to fill empty desks in the office. Our mission is to find candidates that not only fit the skillset, but the culture and values of your company.

While you focus on your business’ mission and vision, trust us to find the people to help you get there. Call the Remedy Group today and let’s discuss your recruiting needs!