Employer Brand & Recruiting: What The New Jobseeker is Looking For In An Employer

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March 29, 2021

By Erica Rothman

Everybody loves to talk about how quickly technology is evolving–not that this blog is about to dip into some tech deep dive. Instead, there’s a parallel for the speed at which the world – and its people – are changing. 

Because of these rapid societal shifts, people’s values and core beliefs change along with them. For instance, the mentality of employees and job seekers has evolved to an almost unprecedented point. 

Bygone is the era where talent is aw-shucks thankful just for the opportunity, accepting mistreatment with open arms. In fairness, it hasn’t been that way for a while–but the events of 2020 have drastically accelerated this shift.

In the social media age, where narratives shift at the press of a button, so do the culture and prevailing mentalities. And after a pandemic, the differences between 2019 and 2021 will be more drastic than any other two-year span this blog-writer can think of.

Read below as this blog investigates what the 2021 jobseeker wants from an employer: 

Let the Data do the Talking 

Employer branding isn’t an exact science, but there’s definitely a formula you can figure out that’ll generate success. 

Like any logical formula, you need some numbers to work from. This data will help you figure out what works and what’s a waste of time. Metrics could include the impact of your social posts and competitor rankings, for starters. 

The introduction already pointed out the information age. Use it to your advantage. It’s said that data-driven decision-making is 3x more successful than not relying on these critical insights. 

There’s really no arguing with the facts. Data tells you what employees/job-seekers want and expect from you as an employer brand. Using those numbers to your advantage allows you to pick up on trends, which will enable you to hone the ideal brand image for the time and place.  

Let Your Employer Voice be Heard 

There’s a lot to be said about your brand voice. It’s the consistent tone you want to use during communication that conveys who you are and provides harmony across the company. 

However, beyond ensuring your voice is enticing and engaging, you need to have it heard; you need to consistently write social media posts, blogs and even put out podcasts if possible. 

Keep in mind, this isn’t just about posting job vacancies (though that is important). You have a chance to differentiate yourself as an employer brand by weighing in on issues of societal importance.

Research indicates that in today’s landscape, people align with brands involved in current issues. Post-COVID, people are more socially conscious than ever. The top talent wants to work for organizations that match their values. 

Advertise Remote Work Possibilities 

For the time being, the pandemic is still a risk. 

Regardless of the current landscape or the future, remote work should be in your plans. The pandemic opened Pandora’s Box concerning working from home. Employees/job-seekers know that the technology and infrastructure are there for employers to implement without a hitch. And for many people, this option can drastically increase their quality of life. 

Be sure to communicate through job postings and social media that remote work is available, however your organization is choosing to offer it.  

Hire a Recruiter with Access to Top Talent 

An exceptional recruiter jives perfectly with crafting a winning employer brand.

Partnering with an organization like the Remedy Group means you’ll have access to top-performing candidates. From there, no hurdles exist between you and your target hires. Contact us today to find out more