Hiring Top Talent This Summer? Three Tips to Consider

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July 26, 2021

By Chris Drashner

People focus more on soaking in rays and going on vacation than looking for a job in the summertime. 

As a result, attracting candidates during these months can feel like fishing while using a gummy worm as bait. 

These circumstances are nothing to necessarily worry about. Businesses of all shapes and sizes perform better in specific seasons. 

However, just because the hiring has slowed down, should you slow down with it? 

Or, should hiring managers and recruiters in the pharmacy and patient services space take this time to find hidden opportunities? 

After all, more of your competitors than usual will have put the breaks on their recruiting efforts. So, there are potential hiring gaps in the industry you can fill with a summertime campaign. 

Furthermore, there’s already a candidate shortage across the globe. By the time recruitment efforts ramp up throughout the industry once more, you’ll find it more challenging to attract viable candidates than during the summer. 

Read below as this blog provides 3 helpful tips on how to ramp up your hiring this summer: 

Tip 1: Acknowledge That Candidates Have the Power 

50% of surveyed North American employees are planning to seek out new employment opportunities in 2021. 

In one sense, that number might indicate a boost in candidate supply for the high level of employer demand. But there’s a couple of takeaways you must consider. 

First and foremost, nowhere in that statistic does it say, “unemployed people are looking for work.” 

These talents already have jobs, which gives them an initial bit of leverage. They aren’t desperate for new work but are instead curious about what else is out there. Furthermore, the most viable, attractive candidates will have other job offers on the table. 

As such, if you don’t address the fact that job-seekers now have the power, you’re going to have a slow summer. And the rest of the year won’t be so great, either. 

Tip 2: Promote Work-Life Balance 

As per a recent article from McKinsey, work-life balance is being prioritized by employees in the post-pandemic world. 

Not only does work-life balance promote good mental health, but it also makes your people more productive

Long gone are the days when it was an acceptable practice for employees to be drowning in work 24/7. It’s borderline inhumane at this point, given all the studies done about workplace burnout and its horrible impact on workers

With the above points in mind, work-life balance should be a key feature you promote to candidates. Here’s a list of what that might entail: 

  •     Offering paid time off won’t cost you much and will boost employee morale
  •     Incorporating something called “flex-time” means allowing your team to set their own schedule around their lifestyle
  •     Work environment perks (e.g., on-site gyms or making the office pet friendly) make the workplace more welcoming
  •     Consider corporate perks and discounts on services such as cellphones, auto expenses, or gym memberships
  •     Providing benefits such as health insurance and stock options will help you stand out as a top employer 

Read more about work-life balance by clicking here

Tip 3: Partner With a Specialized Recruitment Firm 

It’s worth mentioning again that the summertime is a tough time to find candidates. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage the opportunity since your competitors will likely be dormant on this front. 

Working with a specialized recruiting firm – such as The Remedy Group – with high-level connections throughout the pharmacy space will help land the most exceptional candidates. 

We understand the ins and outs of the new hiring environment. Additionally, we know how to speak the language of today’s pharmacy professionals. Contact us today to ensure your summer hiring efforts end up giving your company a competitive edge.