Struggling With FOMO? How to Know You’ve Found the Right Candidate

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July 1, 2021

By Erica Rothman

The current unemployment rate has dropped back down to 5.8%, bringing us that much closer to the 4% enjoyed pre-COVID. As such, the pendulum has swung back once more to favor candidates in what has become an incredibly competitive 2021 job market. 

What does this mean for employers dragging out their hiring process, who fear missing out on a candidate that doesn’t exist? 

The actual top-tier candidates will take one of their other multiple job offers, and you’ll chew through your resources on an ill-fated recruiting initiative. 

Now, none of this is to say you should settle or have low standards. It only means you must learn what’s most valuable in a job seeker in the pharmacy and patient services industries. Read below as this blog offers tips on how to know you’ve found the right candidate: 

Place Value in A Stellar First Impression 

A candidate who sends a poorly worded or overly mechanical cover letter is painting a poor picture.  

On the other hand, someone that exudes enthusiasm and effectively drives home why they’re an ideal fit for your company should get you excited about what’s to come. 

A top-notch candidate will also introduce themselves flawlessly at the interview, with confidence and an appropriate tone. In short order, they’ll hit the bullet points of why they’re your best choice while maintaining a professional, friendly approach. 

Look For Someone Well-Versed in Your Business 

Highly professional candidates will come to an interview having gained enough knowledge to talk shop about your organization. Of course, you should adjust your expectations based on the position–but you want someone ready to get into the nitty-gritty. 

A candidate who takes the time to learn about your products, services, history, and processes conveys that they’ll show up prepared if you hire them and insightful enough to plan ahead.

Beyond that, a well-prepped candidate can explain – in specific detail – what they can do for your company with their skillset. They’ll also provide answers and explanations relevant to your organization. 

A CV Should Also Do the Talking

Look for a candidate whose CV doesn’t just list traits and accomplishments. Instead, you should seek out someone who provides stats and examples of their success in delivering tangible results relevant or transferable to the role they’re interviewing for.

Plus, an ideal candidate’s CV will show self-awareness about their own performance, documenting how they helped their previous/current company reach specific goals. 

Lastly, look for CVs that show how a candidate’s skills align with each job specification. This way, you’ll know you’ve found someone who’ll fit in your organization. 

Partner with a Specialized Recruiting Firm in the Pharmaceutical Space 

At The Remedy Group, recruiting top-tier candidates is all we know. Plus, we specialize in the pharmacy and patient services space, meaning we’re well-versed in identifying the relevant skillsets and personalities to fit your needs. 

Beyond that, our industry connections give us direct access to top candidates, helping you find them promptly. Teaming with us ensures you won’t drag out the hiring process and drain your resources. 

If you like what you hear, contact The Remedy Group today; we’d love a chance to talk shop.